Monday, February 05, 2007

Four Gives More

Welcome back into my Widows Lair dear Readers.
As you see the Manperson Benjamin has been trapped into my web.
We became engaged and I wasted no time in attempting to acquire Benjamin's seed.
A first time success!
I almost fainted.

Before I could marry Benjamin however I needed to boost my mood so embarked on a date with my latest acquaintance Goopy.

Once home I proposed to Benjamin and escaped a breakdown.

My mood desired more of a boost, but I had not counted on my hired help being witness to such a private event.
How creepy.

Thankfully I was able to shoo the hired help and keep Benjamin suitably occupied whilst Goopy stopped by with a gift from our earlier date.

Benjamin brought a nice amount of goods into my home and my first career reward of a planting system.
Benjamin also added 10,000 Simoleons to my bank account which enabled me to do a little redecorating and buy a sports car.
He was a Freelance Photographer by trade and had a Gold Sales badge and Silver in Toymaking.

The boychild Louis became a manchild.
He seeks a path of Pleasure and has a suitable Life Time Goal of becoming a Professional Party Guest.

Meanwhile his younger brother Armand enjoyed showing off his acrobatics to his neighbourhood friends.

Planning Benjamin's demise will not be as easy as I'd first assumed.
He got a large mood boost every time he saw a ghost- and with Abhijeet on the prowl, this was several times a night.

As my 4th pregnancy began to show my eldest Manchild decided to head for College.
Funny how I'm not frying up in the midday sun here.

The way to a Knowledge Sims breakdown lies within.
Taking skills off Benjamin helped his mood drop enormously.

Well Benjamin... what do we have here?

My youngest spawn Santiago as a boychild-
he looks like he's on a mission somehow.

A day of birthdays as Armand became a Manchild too.
He is following in my path of Romance, and has a Life Time desire to 'romance' 20 sims.

As my pregnancy draws to a close I enjoy my nightly visits from my former husband and can't help but swoon everytime I see him.
Strangely now I have no fear of seeing ghosts.

That time has come to spawn Benjamin's seed.

Holy Widow Webs!

Oh the shock!
Benjamin's seed was strong indeed.
2 healthy girlchildren.
I named them Yvette and Claudia.
"Benjamin- come and assist me with your double spawn".

"Not just now dear- I'm in the middle of testing out this super duper electrifying kite I made'.

"Ha.. serves you right!"
Benjamin survived this encounter.
I had him go straight back to the toybench to make some more.

Taking care of double spawn was no easy feat with my nocturnal and unwilling nature, not to mention the eternal ghostly visits from my former husbands.
My hired help was here every day and night.
I must give her a pay rise.
The other spawn informed me that an annual celebration was to take place and begged me to decorate.

I relented with a few adornments.
Benjamin seemed quite taken with our latest addition.

I had taken so many skills from Benjamin that he'd suffered several breakdowns and had started talking to his new friend, Professor Von Ball.

I was in need of a new outlet and while Goopy and I had enjoyed some 'booth time', I was very much attracted to a local boy, Robin Banks.
Fortunately for him, he's out of bounds.
Fortunately for Goopy, he's too stupid to notice my attraction to another man.

Everywhere I go Downtown this lady stalks me and my lovers.
At least this time it was Goopy on the end of her handbag.
Another satisfactory boost to my mood and I left Goopy and went home.

What's this that awaits me?
and more importantly, who?

Ah- 'tis Benjamin.
I was concerned there that it may be one of my spawn.

Benjamin stroked his last.
He had been in my house for 5 days, which equals the long standing record of my second husband, Ravi.

He will of course stay in my graveyard much longer.

Farewell Benjamin,
You gave me girlchildren and I am happy with that outcome.
I'd like to say I will miss you,
but of course I will not.

My Manchild Louis wrote from college to tell me how he'd started a Fraternity called the Vam-Pi-Ra House.
Named in honour of the Father he had never actually met.
Strange Manchild.

As I surround myself in a mystic Aura I can be well pleased with the events of my life so far.
I think it's time for Goopy to move in...
Until that happy day Readers,

Strange Pic.
I thought it'd be fun to see what happens in a photo booth during 'woohoo'.
This was the pic of the newly engaged Benjamin and Wendl,
nice rings. :)


Blogger ruby said...

A wonderful update as always. I love this woman, she totally rocks!
5 days & twins... strong manperson Benjamin turned out to be!
Goopy is snared! Oh boy! next!

1:35 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Awesome...Can't wait to read the next installment...

3:39 PM  
Blogger Bubbs said...

Benjamin spawned twins? HAHA! He didn't want to die Great update, love the ring picture.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Beans said...

A first time success? I feel faint too LOL Ooo, that is creepy with the nanny watching them in bed. *shivers* Oo la la! She cleaned UP with Benjamin *drools over his net worth* Armand reminds me a little bit of Michael Jackson *snickering* Whoa, and Benjamin not only gave her twins, but also girls? He knows his x's from his y's! LOL Egads, but he is a tough one to kill, isn't he? "Fortunately for Goopy, he's too stupid to notice my attraction to another man." ROTF!! That line cracked me up!
Oh that ring pic is funny. Nice shot ;)

5:40 PM  
Blogger tktrn99 said...

Great chapter...that was the first kite electrocution I'd seen...too bad it wasn't a success! But, hey, you did get successful WooHoo the first time....and twins...girls! Oh no, will they follow in their mother's footsteps? Ooo..a pervy nanny..not good :(

6:34 PM  
Blogger biatchymissy said...

Poor Goopy I have a soft spot for him as he really is clueless :)
That nanny is freaky *shudders*
Great update keep 'em coming :)

7:32 PM  
Blogger Kay said...

Great update! Ooooh, she's so mean! But I love her! Poor Ben! Loved the kite photos! Congrats on the twin girls :) Anxiously awaiting the next chapter...

3:43 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

"Holy Widow Webs!" Too funny! Ben didn't want to go. Yipee girls, finally!!! Great update!

2:10 PM  
Blogger ASimWen said...

Great as always. :)

2:57 PM  

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