Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bringing Home Six

Welcome into my world once again faithful Readers.
I had become a Widow for the fifth time after Goopy's rapid demise.
My seed showed it's first stage around an hour after Goopy died.
Abhijeet it seems, is here for the duration.

Not expecting to have to search for a new victim so soon I was a little unprepared, but readily accepted an invitation Downtown where I met the resident Mr Big Shot and his friend Scott.
Both I could tell were smitten with me.
We had a fun outing and I made several other new acquaintances.

The Manchild of Ravi joined his brother in College.
Armand wrote and told of how he'd hoped to romance his way through college by securing the affection of his Professor.
But apparently the Cow Mascot turned up at the same time, flirting with the Professor and causing Armand to slap her.
They fought, Armand won...
and gained his first enemy.

Less trauma at home for my other spawn.
Santiago is well taken with his twin half sisters and pays them much attention.
This half seed is Claudia.

As Claudia and Yvette were due to grow up I decided to invite the Headmaster around to see if I could get them and Santiago into the private school system.
Goopy could not have picked a more inconvenient time to first appear as a spirit.

Luckily Goopy did not interrupt the schedule and the children were accepted.

It seemed for much time my home became an after school meeting place.
The hired help served the children well and they were beginning to form their own acquaintances.

With the Birth of Goopy's offspring fast approaching I decided to date Garrett.
My mood suitably boosted, birth was imminent.

I may have had 5 children already, but nothing quite prepares you for the pain.

You've gotta be kidding me!!

"Goopy- if you weren't dead already I'd KILL you!".
Two more spawn... I'm not sure how I deserve this.
While the Hired Help cooked cheesecake I can honestly say with my hand on my stone cold heart that I never touched it.
I have never seen that woman wash her hands.
A Boy and Girl Child- I name them Deacon and Racquel.
I need to lie down.

A date was needed to calm my nerves.
I got engaged to Mr Big whilst on our date, that way I had plenty of time to pick my mood back up while the date wore on.

Santiago turned Manchild and joined his half brothers at the Vam-Pi-Ra Greek House.

Garrett Lam became my 6th husband.
He had no dowry of goods, but a wealth of Simoleons, around 70,000.
He was a Professional Party Guest with many friends.
I gained his seed after about 5 attempts.
All the family welcomed him,

including Abhijeet,

and Goopy...

and making his first spiritual appearance, Benjamin.

Well Goopy- it's one thing to frighten my new husband,
but your own daughter?
shame on you.

Garrett took a couple of different jobs as I required a few new career rewards.
He got a punch bag and Tele-prompter.
How he got promoted was anyone's guess- he spent most of his nights being scared by my former husbands.
His mood was getting nicely low.
As I saw his flirtatious thoughts about the hired help (eww) I decided to get my own back.

Once again with seed I enjoyed an outing with Alvin.
I'd met him on a previous occasion and it took no time for him to fall under my spell.

My mood reasonably high I prepared myself again for birth-
It can't happen 3 times.

Thank the Vampire Lord.
A boychild Quinn is welcomed.

Birthday's all around as Goopy's offspring grow up.
Racquel is quite the image of her father.

Deacon is less so, but time will tell who he takes after.

I have snared 3 loves at once with my latest date.
My husband Garrett, then Alvin, and now Scott.
I am good.

Did Goopy's ghost know I was on a date?
He looks mad.

Something strange occured.
I know not why this message appeared, but spent a day or so crying about my former husband apparently dying twice.
I was concerned that something amiss was to happen.

But felt relieved when I saw his ghost appear.
He scared Scott when he'd dropped off a bouquet of flowers to mark our latest outing.
How rude!
He hasn't even moved in yet!
I hope this doesn't put him off.

Garrett's mood was bad...
and I remembered that I had a spare lightning kite hanging around from my 'Benjamin' days.


Well Garrett made it to the front door and then collapsed.
I think he may have starved to death but will not know for certain until I see his ghost.

Grim made a comment that according to his notes he hadn't been here for a whole week and that I must be slipping.
He may be right.

That being said, after just over 5 weeks I have secured 6 gravestones.
I wonder who'll be lucky 7?
Until that time dear Readers I wish you Farewell.

Oh- and look who's back for a visit next time!


Blogger Rubywyld said...

wow... more twins!! LOL that was great. Your BW blog always inspires me to go put some time in with mine. I love how Wendl talks..."seed" ...snicker

6:03 PM  
Blogger tktrn99 said...

Great update!!! Suprise, another set of twins! All these "seeds" and "half seeds"!! Funny stuff - ghosts careful!!

6:22 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Great update! Twins! My goodness! Three loves at once too, nice work. Loved the update! Racquel is cute. Kite death, sweet, I want to do one now.

6:31 PM  
Blogger biatchymissy said...

Hahahahaha twins to Goopy now thats to funny. And all the ghosts OMG

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Val said...

Twoyy's this episode was super!
I was cracking up at your second set of twins, I call that Goopy's revenge! LOL

This was probably my alltime favorite line:Grim made a comment that according to his notes he hadn't been here for a whole week and that I must be slipping.

Looking forward to your next update!


2:14 AM  
Blogger ruby said...

Now that is something when you're being critic'd by Grim! *giggle*
great update and OMG more twins!
Nice snag on #6 and even nicer setting up your next 2!

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Kay said...

Super update!!! Another set of twins? Wow! Bet no one gets much sleep in that house with all the ghosts roaming around! Looking forward to the next update!

11:41 AM  
Blogger ASimWen said...

Ah. Starting to get ruff now with all the ghosts in the house. :) Good luck.

1:02 PM  

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