Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Unlucky Number Seven

A new night brings a new victim into my lair.
Alvin Chalmers readily accepted my engagement offer...

followed shortly after by a wedding proposal.
Alvin brought 14,000 Simoleons to my home and 2 childlike toys in his backpack.
He was an employee at Ramirez Furnishings but was paid such a pittance, I insisted that he looked for something better.

Gaining Alvin's seed was nigh on impossible that night with my former husbands greeting him with their special initiation.

After about 10 attempts, implantation was successful.
Now it was daylight and I had to return to my chamber of sleep.

Later that night I took myself off for some much needed 'me' time.
I made some new acquaintances and with this face who could resist me?

Quinn, the spawn of Garrett, became a boychild.

and Benjamin's twin seeds became teenagers.
Claudia is following the path of Knowledge while Yvette has chosen Fortune.
They left the house fairly quickly for college.

Meantime in the Vam-Pi-Ra house Armand got to have his first kiss.
His professor and he never made friends again after their fight so he chose a new female.

Louis' news was a little more shocking.
He was attracted to another manchild.
I had no desire to interfere and will greet Louis home quite soon,
he has promised to bring me a special gift back from college and frankly I am more interested in that than the social life of my spawn.

Alvin continued to lounge around the house and began eating rotten food.

Inevitably he got sick. He told me the Doctor insisted he rest.
I insisted he get a new job and quit moping around the house.

He went into the Culinary field where he worked evenings.
He was always greeted when he returned.

There's never a quiet moment in this house Alvin.

With so many funds I decided to re-vamp my lair.
Being with seed again was time consuming enough on my needs and my new look home cheered me up.

Of course I kept up my nightly excursions of meeting new manpeople.
I finally got to meet the new Count.
We enjoyed a date and soon he was smitten.
I like his red hair.

and of course I kept my friendship up with Scott.
Juggling lovers is no easy feat and several times we had to jump into my car to avoid Count Greg.

My spawn decided to hold their own Headmaster visit.
Deacon was in charge of the tour.
The Headmaster seemed impressed with my refurbished abode.

The spawn served a dinner that I'd prepared the night before and left in the cooling system for them to reheat.
All went well and this set of spawn were inducted into the private school system.

Of course a Headmaster visit never goes un-noticed by the rest of the family.
Garrett chose this evening to first make his appearance as a spirit.
Once the Head had left I called for my hired help and set out on an outing Downtown.
My newest spawn was due and I needed a mood boost.

It certainly was a successful time.

I think my Karaoke skills swung it.

Back at home and the hired help was leaving,
but not before Garrett came to say hello.
She left rather quickly after that.

It's a good job I have a strong disposition.

My first girlchild was born.
Well- my first single-birth girlchild.
I named her Anya.
She was the first child to be born during daylight hours so I handed her to her father and hurried back to my casket.

Her father Alvin made a terrible decision at work and got demoted.
He was still sick, and I was still sick of listening to him moaning about it.

I suggested he might like to cook hotdogs for dinner in the new indoor-outdoor area I'd built for him.
The door mysteriously vanished once he'd entered.

Soon enough the flames were hotter than the fires of hell and I was looking forward to seeing my first red and crispy ghost.
However- things rarely go according to my plan and the fire went out!

But then Abhijeet came in and scared Alvin....

To Death....
That's 2 to Abhijeet and nil to me for a red and crispy ghost.

After 6 weeks Alvin joins my Ghoulie Ghostyard as unlucky number 7.
Alvin lasted just 4 days.

Fare thee well Alvin,
and Farewell to you my fair Readers.
Until the next victim....

Fun shot.

Thought this was funny when Count Daniel's ghost came out one night he decided to join the twins on the settee.


Anonymous Val said...

I love the redecoration especially the indoor grilling area, hee hee! That was really funny that Alvin refused to be grilled and good ol Abhijeet had to help finish the job! Excellent chapter, once again I anxiously await the next!

9:50 AM  
Blogger Rubywyld said...

Dang that Abhijeet is relentless, LOL. I LOVED the 'irresistable face' picture, perfect catch on that one. Thank goodness no twins for you this time...a bit of an easier go.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Loved it! It was all too funny. PLans never go how you want. THat darn Abhijeet ruining everything.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Kay said...

It just figures that the fire went out! I am sure she will get her red and crispy ghost eventually!!! Love the photo of the ghost on the couch! lol The new house looks really pretty! Great update!!!

3:42 AM  
Blogger Bubbs said...

Love the couch picture. Her seeds are growing up rather quickly. Hmm, what will her son's gift from college be??? Great update!

6:59 PM  
Blogger PRMami said...

Whoa what a cool picture seeing the ghost on the couch like that - I've never seen that one before :)
Love your BW btw and I am now caught up yipee!

12:21 PM  
Blogger Beans said...

Hey I missed one. How'd that happen? *scratching head* I love how she wants a "red & crispy ghost" LOL And that pic of the Counts ghost is priceless. I've never seen that before! Excellent update.

4:56 AM  

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