Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Eating At Eight

Do you ever get the feeling that something is behind you?
Welcome back my dear readers.
As I strive to not be single again for long I put my next plan into action.

Another successful date with Scott and we are engaged and married in front of the local Stonehenge without a single breakdown.
Romantic not?

As Scott's picture joins others before him we attempt for seed implantation.
A first time success.

Upon closer inspection of my newest husband I find that his eyebrows are of a red hue.
I insist that he change his hair accordingly to match.

I hardly get time to give my approval as Benjamin chose that moment to come forth and scare.

Scott's dowry consisted of 11,000 Simoleons, a flower, lamp and a nasty cheap oven but as a Senior Manager he'd acquired an Execuputter.
He decided to become a man of Military.

Trying to gain skills for promotion was not an easy task,
as always my former husbands insisted on welcoming him to the family.

The she-spawn Anya became a toddler.

and was not best pleased by her brother's teasing actions.
My other spawn have grown up and left for college so at present only Quinn, Anya and I live in the lair.
and Scott of course.

It is a testimony to how often my hired help is here when my boychild becomes best friends with her.

It comes at a price of course, but she invited herself to stay longer.
Serves her right I say.

My eldest spawn Louis graduated and returned to my lair.
He promised me a gift if you recall.
He told how he'd had to enter a secret society on campus to get my gift.

He said how he'd slept his way into the society.
That's a little more information than a Mother needs to know.

Then one night a mystery girl appeared, handcuffed him and led him away.
He told how he spent much time at this society, and it was perhaps that which led to his GPA of 3.9 rather than the perfect 4.0

"Here she is Mother".
"Oh Louis- she is wonderful- what does she do?"
Louis explained the secrets of this mystical beast to me.
I was rather pleased and insisted Louis stay here for as long as he wished.
Or until my house became too overcrowded and I needed him to leave.
Whichever came first.

You have no idea Remington.

Soon to be showing my latest seed I embarked on a date with Clay.
It took me some time to fall in love with him.
It's his hair I think.

As my seed grew so did my talents.

Another evening and another date.
Officer Ramin did not best please me with his ungentlemanly habits.

That being said we enjoyed a great outing.
Not Dream, but Great.

Back home and the boychild Quinn became a Manchild.
I believe he is my best looking spawn.
Not that I should have a favourite.
His Father was Garrett Lam if you recall, the local 'Mr Big'.

Louis too got a much needed makeover.
It didn't help him much.
Poor thing.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that out loud as Louis proceeded to move out.
He took Quinn with him.
I shall miss my fair faced Quinn.

That left just me and the newly-grown-up-a-stage Anya.
oh, and Scott of course.

With my stomach as large as it's going to get I needed another pick-me-up and enjoyed a date with Count Greg.
I invited him home.

I did not expect Scott to be awake at 3 oclock in the morning!

He slapped me so hard I fell through the Count's chest.
Good job he's dead already.
sort of.

You can imagine I did not take a slapping lightly.
Scott and I argued and fought.
I won.
He insisted he would do anything to please me.
I told him I wanted a special gift and sent him around the back of my lair.

"The cake has my name on it Scott, but only you can retrieve it".
"ooh.. nice cake- nice cowy...
give cake to Scottie'.

Dammit Ravi you do pick your moments.
"Scott- CAKE!"
" yes dear".

"umm.. it's sniffing me dear".

I arrived at the back just in time to see my husband's remains spewed out of the cowplant.
That was not pretty.

I shed a tear.
Why I know not.

Scott joins the graveyard as victim number 8 after just 3 days of marriage.
That leaves me and Anya alone again.

But we're never really alone.
Any closer and we'd be kissing Alvin.

Just as I'd settled down to watch 'Can Kill- Will Kill' my labour started.

I have another boychild.
I name him Spike and try to decide if his eyebrows are of a red hue, as his father's were.
We will find out next time my readers.


Blogger Rachel said...

Gret update as always! Loved the cow plant! Darn that Ravii almost ruined it! Loved the picture of her head going through the count's chest! To funny.

6:44 PM  
Blogger Bubbs said...

and Scott of course... HAHA!! Love this line!! I love Louis's gift to his mom. What a thoughtful spawn he is. Quinn is a nice looking spawn. Pregnant widow abuse!!! Bad spawn maker Scott!!! She's a boy spawn maker, huh?

Great update!!

8:20 PM  
Blogger Rubywyld said...

Quinn WAS a cutie!! And I loved the hormone comment..too funny...AGAIN!

3:32 AM  
Blogger Beans said...

Anya is a CUTIE pie! And a cow plant - how perfect. I loved how she kept saying "Oh, and Scott of course" LOL!! Very funny. Thank you!

5:03 AM  
Blogger ruby said...

You do such a great job with Wendl makes me almost want to try it once again... I wont.. I leave it to your wonderful talents!
I'm with the others.. 'oh, and Scott of course.' had me rolling. Gotta love the cow plant!

8:41 AM  
Anonymous Val said...

Boys always take good care of their Mom's and Louis is no exception! I love how Ravi appeared just before Scott met his demise, thankfully he didn't ruin it! Wendl's antics constanly amuse me, another great update!

4:56 AM  

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