Saturday, January 27, 2007

Securing The Second

Welcome once again into my life dear readers.
As you see I have again entrapped a manperson into my widows web.

After our date and the birth of the boychild Louis, Ravi accepted my offer of engagement and marriage.

Again I was keen to receive more seed implantation.

After a second try which failed I turned away from Ravi.
Are all the manpeople in this town unable to succeed at this act on a first attempt?
Ravi was eager to please me and I gave him a chance to present his dowry.

Ravi brought 11,000 Simoleons to my home and a few goods that I would be able to use. Some I sold off immediately.
He then offered to take me out Downtown to cheer me up.
*Scoff!* as if I need cheering up- all I need is Ravi's seed.

Success came in a rather unelegant position within a picture taking machine. A few peeping toms witnessed our act- including Skip Roper here, off limits as a victim and an incredibly ugly manperson.

Using the trip to my advantage I made several new acquaintances, including the local police manperson who questioned me for some time about the demise of my late husband Count Daniel and my own persona.
He mentioned there was a new Count in town and several townspeople had turned into Vampires but I assured him that it was not of my doing.
I must meet this new Count at some point- he sounds intriguing.
I considered Officer Ramin for a possible victim in the future... although his profile is most unappealing.

After a few more days my new seed began to grow, and it was time for the boychild Louis to grow up a little.

Count Daniel's ghost made it's first appearance, though I have to say I was disappointed not to see him in his cloak- that would have made his ghost a little more realistic-
I told him so.

After that Count Daniel picked endlessly on Ravi.
I must admit I saw here my chance to rid myself of husband number 2.

Attempting to pet a skunk did not put Ravi in a much better frame of mind and I was pleased to see his moods lowering.

The birth of a second boychild Armand was perfect timing for me to plan the next stage in Ravi's demise and my future.

Ravi entered into the energizing device...

He was instantly drained and passed out.
The final stage of my plan was ready.

First I had to watch the boychild Louis grow up again.
I missed his entire toddlerhood with my scheming but he was quite attached to his nanny.

Whilst Ravi was passed out I hired a local fencing company to come and do some landscaping...

... which left me free to embark on a date with my acquaintance Abhijeet Deppiesse.
I could tell how ready he was to accept my lure.

The next morning Ravi joined the afterlife.
I believe he starved to death.

I was totally unprepared for what happened next.

Oh- the humiliation!

The SimDoctor came and took my troubles away.
He assured me that as a double widow and with two children this was a perfectly normal stress on the mind.
He encouraged me to think about the good times I had with Ravi.

A picture- the only good thing I could think of.

The SimDoctor told me it was important to have good pictures of our lives.
The Fool! He knew nothing of my existence and reason for being here...
I wonder if I can get his number?

He did however share some knowledge on avoiding such breakdowns and I drank in that information.

Farewell Ravi- you caused me pain and humiliation...
I shall not forget.

The way forward lies in securing my next victim...

... and so Abhijeet agreed to move in.

Once again it is time to say farewell dear readers.
Until my next victim...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am Wendl Widow- I'm a Romance Sim, highly outgoing and rather poor actually.
I am in search of husbands and soon- preferably a rich one to start so that I can live in the manner to which I should like to become accustomed.

My first journey takes me to a Downtown area to see what suitable men people are on offer.

I had a rather tedious conversation with this manperson, but nonetheless talked to him until we had become well acquainted.

I was equally as unimpressed with this manperson, although we enjoyed slightly better conversation.
Attraction is not compulsory, but I would prefer it- however it will not do to become too attached.
After making another good acquaintance I headed back to my home lot.

This is all I can afford at the moment, but I must keep my spirits high while my search to ensnare goes on.

My trip Downtown that day lasted hours, but apparently here at home time stands still, so I need sustenance and sleep in the hope that after dusk Count Daniel will agree to join me on a venture.

After I'd refreshed myself I called Count Daniel, who readily agreed to accompany me to dinner. We went to the Crypt O' Nightclub, where we had met earlier that day.
Unfortunately the Host seated us outside in the patio diner, and although our waitress took our order she never brought our food.
I think the flickering lights on the table were to blame.

Despite coming home hungry my first outing with Count Daniel was a good one.

My second outing with the Count was most successful, and I could feel him pulling slowly toward my silken web.

I wasted no time in proposing and by the second evening we were man and wife.
Daniel brought a good dowry of 50,000 simoleons, but he had an empty backpack and no income coming in.
I insisted on Daniel implanting me with his seed immediately, and after two rather overzealous attempts I could feel that I was with child.
Daniel said things such as "that was fun, let's do it again" and I told Daniel to "Bite Me".

I had not expected him to take it so literally.

But in hindsight, being a Creature of the Night and therefore Eternal will help me toward my goal without the burden of endangering my youth.

Once my seed began to grow I changed into a rather bright outfit, and lost my beautiful tresses. A glance in the mirror changed that- although my reflection never shows itself to me.
As my pregnancy progressed I found myself tiring of Count Daniel, he had provided me with ample funds to build and furnish a modest home, but my expectations were high, and funds running low.
Count Daniel had partaken of a job and so was out whilst I refreshed myself during the day, and spent many a night watching the clouds.

Count Daniel was quite close with his colleague Franklin Mint and brought him home several times. Unfortunately for the Count he lost track of time and talked with Franklin so much that he forgot our Vampiric rule of staying out of the sunlight.

He just made it to the bathroom, but Grimmie was already waiting for him.

Fare thee well Count Daniel- but I cannot disturb my slumber for such grievances.

Well I had to put on a bit of an act, Franklin was still here and crying like a two-year-old and I had no wish to raise suspicions of the townfolk so early into my endeavour.

I started a graveyard, for I know it will be filled with many. It needs some work, but I need more funds.

My Memento of Count Daniel and I after our first venture together Downtown.

Now with little money and an imminent birth, and a fear of that imminent birth, I had to do something to brighten my spirits... and quickly...

My first acquaintance Ravi- he came around at my request for a date.
He was sorry about Count Daniel, but I could tell he wanted me for himself.
He may get more than he bargained for.

Our date was going so well when I was interrupted by birthing pains.

The child was born and I went back to my date.
This is not promising for my Mothering skills.
I named the child Louis.

This is where I leave you my readers, I shall be back soon with more tales.

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